Conduct Policy


The library is intended as a quiet place for individual reading, research and study. Please enjoy the library and respect its use by others.

This code of conduct has been established for the benefit, comfort, guidance and safety of all who use this facility. It will be courteously and firmly enforced.

In order to provide an atmosphere conducive to the appropriate use of its service and facilities, Tazewell County Public Library requires the public to comply with the following rules and regulations:

  1. Patrons, while on library property, shall be engaged in activities normally associated with the use of a library. Patrons not engaged in reading, studying, using library materials, attending library programs, or other library- related activities may be asked to leave the building.
  2. Patrons shall not interfere with the use of the library by other patrons, nor shall they interfere with library employees’ performance of their duties.
  3. Improper conduct on library property is prohibited. The following forms of conduct, cited by way of illustration and not limitation, shall be considered improper conduct:
    • acting in violation of federal, state or local law, ordinance or regulation
    • bringing animals, other than guide dogs for physically impaired, or those used in law enforcement or for library programming, into the library
    • carrying weapons, except as permitted by law
    • creating any loud and/or disturbing noises, either personally or by using radios, tape players, telephones or other equipment
    • eating or drinking, except in designated kitchen/conference areas
    • engaging in disorderly conduct
    • engaging in obscene or abusive language or acts
    • gambling
    • impeding access to the library
    • leaving young children unattended by a responsible person
    • loitering, including but not limited to refusing to leave at closing
    • misusing restrooms
    • mutilating or defacing any library property
    • possessing or consuming alcohol or illegal drugs or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
    • putting feet or legs on furniture
    • removing library materials from the premises without authorization through established lending procedures
    • sleeping
    • smoking or otherwise using tobacco products
    • soliciting, selling, pamphleteering, campaigning
    • taking library materials into restrooms
    • using skateboards, skates, bicycles
    • any other action and/or behavior which is in contravention of the Rules and Regulations Governing Conduct as set forth herein
  4. Patrons shall respect the rights of other patrons and library employees and shall not harass or annoy others through noisy or boisterous activities, by staring at another person with intent to annoy that person, by following another person about the library with intent to annoy that person, or by behaving in any other manner which reasonably can be expected to disturb other persons.
  5. Patrons shall maintain an acceptable standard of personal hygiene. Unpleasant body odor which substantially interferes with other patrons’ use of the library is considered unacceptable.
  6. All briefcases, oversize handbags, carryalls, luggage, packages, overcoats and shopping bags shall be subject to inspection by library staff.
  7. Library staff may, for good cause related to any apparent breach of the security of the library or any other apparent breach of these rules and regulations, request a patron to provide proper identification.

Staff will issue a verbal warning for any improper conduct.

Failure to comply with established rules and regulations may result in suspension of library privileges, which may include:

  • loss of borrowing privileges
  • expulsion from the premises for the day or permanently
  • arrest

Staff reserve the right to expel disruptive patrons without a warning.

Theft of library materials will result in arrest and permanent expulsion from the library. Communication of threats, physical violence and/or sexual offenses will result in permanent expulsion.

Library staff shall contact the police when necessary.

Any patron whose library privileges have been denied may appeal the decision to the Board of Trustees.

Adopted 27 September 1995
Rev. 13 December 1995
Rev. 20 Jan 2011