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Casting Spells by Barbara Bretton

Reviewed by Kandi Vance

The small town of Sugar Maple, Vermont seems like any other typical small New England town. However, the residents of Sugar Maple happened to be witches, vampires, spites, and many other supernatural beings thought to be just fantasy. Sugar Maple has also been protected by charms placed by a witch named Aerynn Hobbs. These charms will protect the town as long as a magical Hobbs daughter lives and reproduces a daughter. Now, three hundred years later, the last descendant of Aerynn, Chloe Hobbs, has shown no signs of magic and the whole town feels the enchantments weakening. The protections are so weak that for the first time there is a murder in Sugar Maple. The county is now forced to send in the police, Luke MacKenzie, to solve the murder. The whole town is in an uproar because now there is a human among them. As Chloe tries to keep an eye on Luke and keep the towns secrets, she also fights the sparks of chemistry between them.

Casting Spells is the first book in the Sugar Maple series.

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Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Reviewed by Kandi Vance

Fantasy Lover

This book is an introduction to the Dark-Hunter series. The Dark-Hunter series is a unique twist on vampire novels. Kenyon blends the idea of vampires with ancient Greek Mythology. The Daimons (read vampires) are the children of Apollo, they garnered his wrath and he cursed them and all of their descendants. They live normally until a certain age, and then they must take human souls in order to live. In order to protect the humans, Artemis, Apollo’s sister, made the Dark-Hunters. These warriors sacrifice their own souls so they can protect mankind. The Dark-Hunters then hunt and destroy the Daimons. In order for them to get their souls back, the must find their soulmate.

In Fantasy Lover we meet Julian of Macedon, an ancient Greek demi-god. Julian is the son of Aphrodite and a Spartan General. Julian is raised to be a Spartan warrior; his prowess in battle has angered his half-brother Priapus. Priapus is mad because he is a lesser god and his lowly half-brother is more revered than he himself is. So Priapus curses Julian into a scroll, which is later bound in a book, as a sex slave. When summoned from the book, Julian must fulfill that person’s every sexual fantasy. For two-thousand-years Julian is enslaved in the book, however when he is summoned by Grace Alexander, Julian may have the chance to be free of his curse. Read along as Julian and Grace fall in love and navigate the obstacles standing in their way as they try to free Julian from his curse.

The Dark-hunter series has grown to include the Ware-Hunters and also the Dream-Hunters. Each of these series are integrated by be read as one series. Kenyon has also branched out this series to include a young adult series called The Chronicles of Nick. This series takes a character from the original series, Nick Gautier, and follows him as he adjusted to being a new Dark-Hunter.

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