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The River at Night by Erica Ferencik

Reviewed by Lynne Bartlett

If you have ever wanted to go on a hiking and river rafting adventure in the wilderness with your closest friends, you might want to think twice!  This story could change your mind.  Four women set out into the Maine wilderness for a guided hike, camping, and river rafting experience.  Three of these friends had to be convinced by their more adventurous, athletic fourth friend that this would be great fun.  They are guided by a young man who is very convincing about his ability to guide them but a few of the women are skeptical.   Find out what happens in this frightening, bite-off-all-your-nails kind of story.  It’s a story that explores the bonds of friendship during extreme situations and raises questions of what is considered “civilized” in our current times.

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School’s First Day of School by Adam Rex & Christian Robinson

Reviewed by Amy Horne

“School’s First Day of School” provides a funny twist to first day jitters. We think about teachers and students being nervous about starting a new school year or perhaps starting a new school altogether, but what if the school building itself is the nervous one?

Frederick Douglass Elementary is a brand new building who does not know what to expect on the first day of classes. Will the students like school?  Will they be nice?

Things get off to a rocky start when several kids are overheard announcing they do not like school.  One kindergarten girl doesn’t want to come in and has to be carried into the building by her mother. She refuses to tell her name, and whispers to herself that she also “doesn’t like being at school.” Constant touching of everything and making messes by students, as well as an accidental fire drill only add to the frustrations.

By the afternoon the school has listened in on lessons and has seen how happy the students are while learning. It then begins to understand how important of a job it has. The school is especially excited when the little kindergarten girl draws a beautiful picture of the school and the teacher hangs it on the bulletin board.  The school is not so nervous anymore after realizing its purpose and it is excited that the students will be returning tomorrow.

This book will make a great read aloud for a parent with an apprehensive child about school and also for teachers to read to their class in the beginning of the school year.

Find many more books about going to school on our School Subject Shelf.

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Love What Matters: Real People. Real  Stories. Real Heart

Reviewed by Sarah Murphy

Today’s world seems full of anger, bitterness, selfishness, and other negative, soul crushing problems. If you are in need of a quick dose of positivity and reassurance that love and happiness still exist, this book will help. Short anecdotal stories accompanied by a photograph can easily be read for a dose of positivity when things seem bleak and frustrating. Hopefully they will also inspire the reader to see the important, truly valuable people and experiences they have each day and lead to greater appreciation for their own blessings in life.

Available at TCPL: Book

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Over the Moon with the Library’s Fine Forgiveness

Posted August 9, 2017

Are old library fines keeping you from enjoying the free resources the library has to offer? In celebration of the solar eclipse, Tazewell County Public Library is having its own rare event! For one week only, starting the day of the solar eclipse, you can eliminate your old fines or bring back any long overdue items in good condition to the library and you will only have to pay 10% of your fine. For example, you will only need to pay $1 if you owe $10 in fines.  If you owe $5.00, you will only pay 50 cents!  Sorry, if you have lost library materials, this will not apply.

Stop in anytime from Monday, August 21 through Saturday, August 26 at one of our three libraries to return items and pay fines to restore your full library privileges. Enjoy access to books, ebooks, DVDs, magazines, and more! Your library card also allows you access to our public computers as well as many of our outstanding databases. Call the library at (276) 988-2541 for more information.

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Casting Spells by Barbara Bretton

Reviewed by Kandi Vance

The small town of Sugar Maple, Vermont seems like any other typical small New England town. However, the residents of Sugar Maple happened to be witches, vampires, spites, and many other supernatural beings thought to be just fantasy. Sugar Maple has also been protected by charms placed by a witch named Aerynn Hobbs. These charms will protect the town as long as a magical Hobbs daughter lives and reproduces a daughter. Now, three hundred years later, the last descendant of Aerynn, Chloe Hobbs, has shown no signs of magic and the whole town feels the enchantments weakening. The protections are so weak that for the first time there is a murder in Sugar Maple. The county is now forced to send in the police, Luke MacKenzie, to solve the murder. The whole town is in an uproar because now there is a human among them. As Chloe tries to keep an eye on Luke and keep the towns secrets, she also fights the sparks of chemistry between them.

Casting Spells is the first book in the Sugar Maple series.

Available at TCPL: Book | Large Print


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Tooter Pepperday by Jerry Spinelli

Reviewed by Gloria Goins

When Tooter Pepperday’s family moved to Aunt Sally’s farm, Tooter was not happy. Her family was having some financial struggles. They could live at Aunt Sally’s for free. Everyone was except, except Tooter.  As Aunt Sally showed them around the farm, Tootter though a goat was cow.  As she stormed out of the barn, she stepped in goat poop. Then, she remembered why she didn’t want to move to the farm: no pizza deliveries or no ice cream trucks. There was only poop and stinky smells everywhere.

They put an unhatched egg into an incubator so it would hatch. Tooter’s job was to turn the egg every day. She hated it. As the egg was getting ready to hatch, she became excited. Tooter fell asleep the night the egg was hatching.  Although she missed it hatch, she felt she was beginning to like life on the farm. She embraced her family. She said that they “were all happy as hogs in slop.” She realized that she too was as happy as a hog in slop living on the farm.

Available at TCPL: Book

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Blackbox by Julie Schumacher

Reviewed by Brittany Holt

Blackbox is a quick read that tackles the issue of depression in adolescents.  Elena and her sister Dora have always been opposites.  Elena is stoic, while Dora is emotional. When Dora becomes consumed with depression, Elena feels protective of her sister. When Dora’s depression begins to destroy and unravel her family, Elena remains indifferent. Elena states that Dora will be okay.  Blackbox can serve as a great conversation starter for you and your teen. You can openly discuss  the signs and symptoms of depression with your teen.

Available at TCPL: Book

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Solar Eclipse Shades at the Library

Posted July 28, 2017

On Monday, August 21st, 2017, a total solar eclipse will be taking place across the United States. It is being called the “All-American Eclipse.” A solar eclipse is when the Sun is completely or partially hidden by the Moon. A partial eclipse will take place in Tazewell County, where the moon is expected to cover approximately 90% of the Sun’s surface. This partial eclipse is expected to last approximately 3 hours in the early afternoon on August 21st.

Looking at the Sun even partially covered can be harmful to your eyes. You should not look at the Sun even with sunglasses. Instead, it is recommended that you view the partial eclipse with special shades that filter out sunlight (ISO 12312-2 certified). The Tazewell County Public Library has received 1000 Eclipse Shades from NASA, the Gordan and Betty Moore Foundation, and the Space Science Institute. We will begin handing these out to any individuals, organizations, or businesses starting August 1st.

Since there is a limited supply, these Eclipse Shades are available on a first come first served basis. Limit 4 per family or organization. Stop by any of the Tazewell County Public Libraries in Tazewell, Richlands, or Bluefield, VA to pick up your shades and additional information about the eclipse. Call the library at (276) 988-2541 for additional details.

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Zinio Magazines is now RBdigital

Tazewell County Public Library has free digital magazines with your library card.

For people who already use the Zinio app, it is now RBdigital. The Zinio App will keep working until early September, but you will need to download the new app soon.

RBdigital features full-color, digital magazines for instant desktop reading, mobile streaming, and mobile-app download. With this service, you can add new and back issues to personal reading libraries with no holds, checkout periods, and no limits to the number of magazines checked out and downloaded. And with personal notifications for favorite magazines, patrons never miss an issue.

Cosmopolitan, The Economist, Good Housekeeping, and Newsweek are just a few of the popular magazine titles available from RBdigital.

Download the RBdigital App: Apple | Android | Kindle

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July 2017 Circulation Changes

Check-out More DVD’s and Current Issues of Magazines beginning July 5th.

DVDs: Number of DVDs that can be checked out on one library card will increase from 3 to 5. Overdue fines for late DVDs will increase from 10 cents a day per DVD to 25 cents a day per DVD.

Magazines: Current issues of magazines may be checked out for two weeks with no renewal.

Total # Items Checked Out: Total # items checked out on one card will increase from 25 to 30.

Learn More about our Lending Services

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